January 30, 2019

Surfing Lifestyle Portraits | Oahu, Hawaii


I love photographing people in their element. More formal portraits have their place, but my favorites will always be ones that show off lifestyle. I often quote “To make living itself an art, that is the goal,” and these types of portraits perfectly reflect why. Real life is beautiful in all it’s simplest unstaged moments, like gearing up or waiting for the perfect wave.  I’m so happy I was able to meet up with Chelsea for this type of early morning surf session in North Shore, Oahu. Hawaii is known for its waves so a good spot wasn’t hard to find. It was inspiring to watch such effortless talent glide across the ocean. I can definitely see the draw to getting lost out there in your own world.

Chelsea is such a sweetheart, she even let me take her board out for a bit. Good thing I took advantage of the opportunity since Oahu’s famous high winter swells came in just hours later. Oahu Hawaii Lifestyle Portraits.

surfer girl paddling to wave north shore

surfer girl putting on surfboard leash

film photo of surfer girl portrait with surfboard

Oahu Hawaii Surfer Paddling

film photo of surfer girl sitting in ocean on surfboard

surfer girl catching a wave and holding surfboard

Oahu Hawaii surfer crashing wave

surfer girl with board in rip curl wet suit

surfer girl walking beach with surfboard

surfer girl with wet hair and surfboard

surfer girl with wet hair and surfboard

Every life has a beautiful story to tell and I would love to capture your lifestyle portraits in Oahu or the surrounding islands of Hawaii. Get in touch hereOahu Hawaii Lifestyle Portraits.

My aim is to create artful photographs filled with genuine moments. This timeless fine art aesthetic is achieved using film photography.

One Piece Swimsuit | Roxy

Wetsuit | Rip Curl


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